Freedom and Hope: 10 Inspiring Quotes from Women

10 Inspiring Quotes on Freedom and Hope

In light of all events that have transpired over the last few months, and the recent celebration of America’s independence most people have been done some kind of self-reflection. Many of us are now compelled to have deeper and meaningful discussions with loved ones.  We are asking ourselves the question, ‘What does being free represent, and what’s stopping me from hopeful?.  Thank you to the many strong women who have been an inspiration in sharing their wisdom on freedom and hope.  


Freedom defined by webster’s dictionary as ” liberation: from slavery or restraint from the power of another: independence“.  Today, practice your freedom today by attempting the impossible. Challenge yourself by trying to get something done before you say “I can’t”.  Stop worrying about your failure because your failure is inevitable regardless of how brilliant, confident, or smart you may be.  


The words hope and fear are two highly motivating factors that can push us forward.  A few years ago, I was involved in a terrible car accident and lost my job in the same month, and that was November to remember.  Honestly, I  did not know how to solutions because my world had unexpectedly changed.  I was now in a predicament where I no longer had a car and a monthly salary.  Just know that life is a mystery and anything can happen at any time.  Not knowing my next step did not lead to a destructive path.  I  had to embrace the uncertainty with wonder, excitement, and remain hopeful. 

Here are 10 inspiring quotes from women on freedom and hope.  

July 4th, Celebration

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