Are you desperately in need of a makeover? Put Some Funk into Your Professional life:

At least every two years schedule a professional rejuvenation.  Do not allow the global economic situation to dissuade you from considering that long-overdue professional makeover.   Here are some easy transitional steps toward a fresh and polished YOU: 1)      Change your wardrobe:  Sometimes  it is a good idea to change a few of your professional colors, fabric and design. Give the black and grey outfits a little rest, keep that one black power suit or outfit.   Additionally, you may have lost or gained weight and therefore you should wear appropriate clothing and I reiterate do not become the slob next door.   Remember, you do not have to buy expensive clothing to look like a million bucks   just wear your clothing well. OWN IT! OWN IT! 2)     Invest in you. Save up and attend that once-in-a-lifetime workshop or seminar in another country.   This is your opportunity to network and meet some of   your peers in   the same profession or industry.   It is totally acceptable to make that professional event a social affair, promise it will not hurt your professional life.   Nowadays, you will find that there are many influential people attending   those professional events   and some are very easy-going, funny and laid back.   I do not need to remind you to behave appropriately!! 3)      A SWOT Analysis.  Strengthen your strengths and improve on your weaknesses because your talent needs that muscle power to survive.  At some point in our lives, we may to be faced with the “lows” of life so don’t allow your strengths to become overpowered by your weaknesses.  Remember you need that competitive spirit in order to capitalize on the opportunities that may come your way today, tomorrow or whenever. 4)     Learning  Something New.  Every day  is a day to learn something new and I suggest you enroll in a course that is completely unrelated to your professional field.  You will be  so amazed how much interest you shall find in a new discipline and how it expands your intellectual capacity and causes provoking thoughts.   Ignorance has a way of crippling your progress so be proactive in seeking learning opportunities.  Show off your accomplishment from seeking new learning opportunities. 5)     Volunteer your time.  Give a little of your time to help others, allocate  an hour or two to a cause that is meaningful to you, your family, or friends.  Helping others is always a good start for positive beginnings and introspection. 6)     Change your job:  You are no longer feeling challenged by your job and can honestly say you are losing your edge as a valued or high performer.    It sounds like you need a “job booster”.  Then this is time to move on, just find the next job that will complement your talent or will be your talent.  Look forward to your next job being twice as exciting and twice as rewarding. Create a  a win-win situation for you. Remember, Every Talent Counts for something! If you decide to use my written content please acknowledge the source.  Thank You.    

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