Let us help you discover a realistic future.

At some point in our career, most of us will be in the rat race for jobs, hate the 9 to 5  or dread the office politics.

So, now you at the career crossroads, what’s the next move?
How do you discover the career that’s right for you?
How do you perfect your skills and most importantly find a career that is both fulfilling and rewarding?

HRIBS career coaching program is tailored for the following:

  • Career transitioners
  • Entry-level workers
  • Part-time working moms
  • Stay-at-home moms
  • Unemployed workers
  • Transitioning Military
  • College freshies
  • College sophomores
  • Senior High schoolers

We can help you discover and achieve the desired success in your career by providing the following:

  • Guide you in the right direction to achieve results
  • Help you Identify SMART goals
  • Get you to challenge the status quo and explore possibilities
  • Help you become more proactive and efficient with your assignments
  • Help you become confident in job search by networking fearlessly
  • Inspire confident and accountability
  • Help develop soft skills (e.g. salary negotiations, communication)
  • Help you find work and life balance
  • Provide useful assessment tools from a highly rated and reputable company