“Everything is Figureoutable”-  Marie Forleo

As a new manager you may feel overwhelmed, overworked, restricted  and possibly  indecisive about your career move. You are not alone. I remember one of the many challenges I faced in my early HR management career was knowing how to apply management theory into ‘ know how’ experience. I was new to HR, with little experience and no coach or mentor. The company did not have an onboarding or management training programs available and I was left to sink or swim.  I was overwhelmed, and unprepared for a management role and that is when I knew that I needed help from a mentor or coach.  

As your personal development coach, I am here to help you gain clarity on how to create  a management career plan and break it into bite-sized manageable pieces.  It’s necessary for you, the new manager to develop personal, leadership and management skills in a present and post pandemic era. So,  do not allow anything to hold you back from shinning in your spot and have a fulfilled and rewarding career and life.

Are you a  new manager who feels like you need  to brush up on your leadership skills so that your focus is in the right place?

Do you have  goals set for the next 2-5 years to attain an executive position in management?

Are you  a star employee transitioning into a leadership role and you are experiencing challenges with the expectations of your team management?

Are you a new manager struggling to build trusting relationship  support from employees or management?


If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, I am your Personal Development Coach, to the rescue! 


Let me help you determine the next step in  your management career.  I want you to show up in your professional life feeling empowered, confident and ready to achieve success. I will help you keep going when you lose momentum and want to stop. 

Personal Development Coaching – Individuals and Groups

New managers

College Graduates

Sole Entrepreneurs

How I can help you enhance your leadership capabilities:

Weekly private coaching sessions to guide you in the right direction and inspire self-confidence

Helping to define your S.O.L.E leadership unique persona using worksheets

Getting you to challenge the status quo and hold you accountable for career growth

Helping to develop leadership skills (e.g.salary negotiations, communication, conflict resolutions)