Melinda- George Bristol’s Speaker Profile

Melinda is a wife, daughter, sister, lover of people and olives, small business owner and an author.  She was born and raised on the island of St. Lucia located in the Caribbean, and moved to New York  City in 2016.  Melinda is a former human resources professional turned leadership coach and HR consultant. As a leadership coach, Melinda focuses on helping professionals develop effective personal, leadership and managerial skills.  

In 2019, she became a published author of her first book Transformist of the Heart and Soul.  Melinda cites her failures and experiences as being a major inspiration for her life: “My failures have been countless, but my willingness to rise has been relentless. I don’t believe in rehearsing tragedy instead of just positively embrace life. I can’t control the outcome or the result of situations, but I can do my part by showing up and let the rest fall into place naturally.”

When Melinda is not leading and consulting she is writing poetry, making hand-made celebratory cards, going on scenic drives with her husband and hanging out with her family and friends. She was a former volunteer for Dress of Success NYC and SCORE NYC. She continues to dedicate her time to support women groups.  

Melinda dedicates her time to help the community by engaging in educational programs, volunteering at public schools, and privately funded vocational institutions for adults and teens.


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