“You manage things; you lead people.” –Grace Murray Hopper

Due to the many demands and emergencies facing organizations in the pandemic era, professional development may have taken a back seat, and that’s understandable.  In light of the millions of layoffs and furlough nationwide and worldwide, companies’ key goals during a crisis is to remain in business and meet payroll.  

As a small or medium-sized business owner, are you ready to change the modus operandi of your business? I know you are striving for a business that is both customer and employee eccentric, so tell me:

Do you want to develop the leadership capabilities of your managers?

Do you want to engage employees in forming the company’s vision, mission an values?

Do you want to have a company culture that represents diversity and inclusion?

Do you want you to know how to use HR best practices in your company?

If you answer yes to any of the questions above then let us talk soon because HR Inspired Business Solutions has the ideal solutions.

In last decade businesses have become highly competitive with their products, services. Therefore, it is necessary to hire and invest in the right talent for your business for long-term success.  Many Gallup research shows that customer satisfaction goes hand-in-hand with employee satisfaction.  Have you ever watched an episode of “Uncover Boss”? I enjoy watching this TV show because there is always an enlightening question for business owners to ponder on.  Do they really know how efficiently their company is being operated?



I understand the importance of helping small and medium-sized business and I am passionate about providing the best HR solutions for your business so you can focus on other important matters.  My goal is to provide you with a cost-effective and high-quality service that will bring about tremendous growth in employee engagement and finance.

HR Consulting Services:

HR Audit & ComplianceForms and Template Customization

Job Description Review

Job and Aptitude Assessments

HR Projects

Leadership Development Services:

First-time managers



HR Professionals, Entry and Managers

Group coaching sessions are done with a maximum of ten people.  Private sessions can be done at your company virtually or in-person to accommodate clients.