HR Inspired Business Solutions (HRIBS)  was established on the basis that people management and development is crucial whether on an individual or organizational level.  We discovered that there were several small business owners who needed to outsource their  HR services because they were unable to afford a full-time HR Manager.  We care about making a meaningful difference, by offering a unique HR consulting approach that will meet the HR needs of small and startup businesses.  Our goal is to assist with managing the HR function, administration, and ongoing projects efficiently.  While we focus on the human capital, we want to give you the business owner time to focus on the strategic and operational needs of the business. The bottom line is that we want to work with you to correct inefficiencies, achieve higher productivity and increase profitability.

In addition, we want to individually, help people get ahead with their career aspirations.  Our style of coaching involves building relationships with a mix of passion and compassion.  We believe that everyone is uniquely talented and ambitious and at some point, throughout their career, they will be seeking the right guidance and support.

“It’s about having the right mix of passion and compassion”


I’m Melinda, the founder of HR Inspired Business Solutions (HRIBS).  My desire of becoming a Career Coach started six years ago.  After relocating to the United States I faced several challenges in finding the right job opportunity in Human Resources.  I was in the rat race, at the beckon call of recruiters, frequently attending career fairs and desperately applying for hundreds of online jobs. I quickly realized that my professional life was taking a nose dive, a very deep dive.  However, on the upside, this was my learning curve and was determined to utilize the time to take refresher courses, volunteer, and network.

Having worked as a Human Resource professional for over 10 years I gained valuable skills that worked well within the realm of coaching and entrepreneurship.  Those transferable skills plus a Business degree made me feel confident and self-assured that I was competent to run a coaching and consulting business.  I am determined to use my passion and values to help others succeed and bring about positive and meaningful transformation.

Throughout my HR career, I was constantly acknowledged by former managers and colleagues for having a genuine way of establishing trusting relationships.  This has inspired me in so many ways and knew that I had an innate quality and was ready to put myself out there to be a change agent and motivate others. Like most people, I had to do my own housekeeping, settle my inner conflict and identify my true purpose personally and professionally.