It’s about having the right mix of passion and compassion

Seven years ago, I pursued my passion to be a career and leadership coach to support professionals in making informed decisions about their career development and trajectory. Helping them find clarity, through coaching and counselling and offering support tools . I understand the importance of providing a comfortable and safe space for professionals to be listened to, and have unjudged reactions when discussing their pain areas of being at a crossroad in their career.

After relocating to New York I faced my own challenges in finding suitable employment in human resource management field; I was in the rat race, at the beck and call of recruiters, frequently attending career fairs and desperately applying for hundreds of online jobs and hardly receiving an interview or job offer. Throughout those difficult moments, I was constantly told by loved ones that corporate jobs were for professionals with an established career in the US.  My expertise outside the US would not be relevant and transferable, so the wise thing to do was find state or medical jobs that were suited and easier for  Caribbean nationals.

Like most people, I had those moments when I struggled with self-doubt, low self-confidence and understanding how to leverage my talent in a new country.  However, I was able to dust myself off.  Instead I focused on my vision of establishing a company where I can lead, transform, empower and inspire others to succeed. I value having trusting and genuine relationship with diverse groups of people.  Having an innate passion to help people find fulfillment in their career or business is rewarding enough.



HR Inspired Business Solutions Inc. is a management coaching and human resources consulting company located in New York, USA. Seven years prior, I realized that countless small businesses were deficiently overhauled when it came to implementing proper human resource (HR) practices.  I quickly saw the need to help those businesses have a diverse and comprehensive labor force and achieve higher efficiency and benefits. Also, helping to improve their employee experience, increase employee engagement and develop the leadership skills of their supervisors and first-time managers.

Furthermore, I was passionate about working one-on-one with professionals and college graduates starting their career in management by providing personalized career and  leadership coaching. I remember at 25 years old I was employed as a HR Assistant Manager straight out of college.  I lacked administration and management experience, and I was so overpowered by the fact that it was not straightforward to apply my hypothetical management information into commonsense ‘know how to’ experience. For that reason, I wanted to shorten the learning curve of those future leaders and help them to upgrade their skills and abilities to become competent and have strong characteristics strong.

HR Inspired  Business Solutions core values are based on my own guiding principles and behaviors.  Hence,  it important the way in which all clients are dealt with, that is with empathy, trustworthiness and respect.