Career Assessments: 5 Amazing Things You Need To Know

A career assessment is a tool used to help professionals or students to decide on their career options and development.  It is commonly used by hiring, managers, school counselors, and coaches to determine areas of weakness and strengths of job candidates.  Many career assessments focus on areas such as personality, interest, skills, aptitude, and behavior. There are several assessments available online and it can be completed in the comfort of your home.  

Most people are likely to change their jobs once or more within a five year period. However, According to the agency’s FAQ, the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), tasked with collecting all sorts of employment-related data. However, the Department of Labor (DOL) does not keep track of or report the number of career changes individuals make throughout their work life.  

5 Amazing Things You Need To Know About Career Assessments:

1. Help Discover Your Passion

Most results of a career assessment provide information about your interests. The results won’t necessarily point you to an absolute “dream job. However, it will measure things such as your interests, personality, or aptitude.  Your interests can also be fulfilled outside your job, through hobbies, community activities, family, education, and volunteer work.  Take time to find more about specific occupations and fields that interest you. You can do so by searching for job descriptions, work environments, education requirements, and labor market information. 

2. Help with Having a Personal SWOT

A career assessment can open up a window to potential opportunities for professionals to uncover several things. Namely, identify tasks, experience, education, and training needed for their next career move. Even after choosing an academic field, many students find themselves at a crossroad. They are uncertain about what they want to do in their professional lives.   Career assessments can be effective in giving you ideas of potential careers. You have the opportunity to match your skills and interests and get to think about how well-suited you might be for a particular career.  

3. Help with In-depth Career Options

The career assessment report you receive is a self-help tool to guide you in choosing a career that matches your interests. Treat your results as a starting point to further explore your career options. Look at specific occupations and job fields that interest you. Learn more by researching the job descriptions, work environments, education requirements, and labor market information. When making career worthy decisions take into consideration your skills, values, personality traits, and performance.

4. Help Save Cost & Time: 

There is only a one-time fee for purchasing a career assessment. Most assessments are administered and completed online, it can be done in the comfort of your home.  Generally, your report is sent to you within 24 hours in a PDF format with five or more pages of detailed feedback. A career assessment will provide transparent and in-depth results.

5. Helpful Confidential Report

You get to respond honestly on your career assessment.  Your report is not shared with anyone outside of the organization. The feedback you receive is between you and your coach, school counselor, or human resources generalist/specialist.

Some career assessments questions worth knowing:

  • Do you want to live and work in a small community or a large urban center?
  • Are you open to working a regular schedule, shift work, flexible or unpredictable hours? 
  • How flexible are you about being on-call, working casual, overtime, or long hours?
  • What do you find personally rewarding in a job?

Some sample career assessments to consider:

Jackson Career Exploration:

Leadership Skills Profile:

Leadership Insight Assessment for Students:

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