6 Tell-Tale Signs Of A Horrible Boss

A Screaming Boss

Surveys such as Gallup, Monkey Survey, and The Great Place to Work have reported that most employees terminate their employment because of having a horrible or bad boss, not their job.   You might be that employee who has decided to work with a toxic boss because you need the income to take care of your family or lifestyle.   The downside to working in such a toxic environment is that it will become unhealthy and eventually drain you physically, emotionally, and mentally. So, I am flat-out saying to you, It’s Not Worth IT to work with a horrible boss however,  you try some corrective actions or find a new job.

6 Tell-tale signs that you have a horrible boss 

1. Your boss has a nonchalant approach when it comes to employee recognition and employee development

They hardly reward or thank you for a job “well done”.   You are working in an environment where there might be little structure and the emphasis on people’s development is basically non-existent. They believe your salary and benefits are enough and the company is not obligated to invest in other employee-related activities.  Don’t allow their behavior to get in the way of your development, invest in learning by taking short courses, and finding a mentor.  Remember to ask for performance reviews from your manager and keep notes of feedback for your boss.

2. Your boss use their charm and power to secretly destroy the livelihood of others

They enjoy gossip and backstabbing and we will befriend others so they have allies that will support them openly in everything.  Don’t allow yourself to be a part of something you don’t stand for.  Stick to your purpose and don’t brown nose.  Mind your business.

3. Your boss criticizes, belittle, and makes derogative remarks about your colleagues and other managers.

In their world, everyone is stupid, an idiot, or useless.  Don’t allow their behavior to make you hide under a rock. Try not to engage in the nuisance of your boss and discreetly walk away without commenting.

4. Your boss is impatient and dismissive of your suggestions

They will make fun of you in the presence of others because they don’t value our opinion or suggestions.  In addition, they do not see you as a decision-maker in the organization.  Don’t allow this to deter you from sharing your other ideas.  Make notes of all your ideas and suggestions in the event that a senior manager asks for your feedback or opinion on a project or matter.

5. Your boss is a bully 

They often try to pass themselves off as a charmer, but in reality, they act like wolves in sheep’s clothing.  On several occasions, you’ve witnessed their disruptive behavior such as slamming doors, having a huge outburst, and fanatically shouting at everyone.  They will go on a rampage without showing a hint of embarrassment or remorse. Don’t allow every outburst to draw you into a battle. It is important to identify and deal with workplace bullies if you want to have a peaceful and productive workplace.  Make a note of the words and deeds of your boss in a group or individual setting.

6.  Your boss is s a lousy communicator 

They do not provide feedback and have limited communication, you may get a few grunts and an occasional complete sentence. There is only one-way communication and most times you do not know when and how to ask a question or help.  Find out from others what are some areas of interest that your boss gets talkative about. Don’t allow this to stop you from being an effective communicator and continue to work on your communication skills.  

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